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Athlete - Isaac Schachleiter (Mason)
The only thing the local newspaper said was that Mason's top runner dropped out of the race. This is what is misleading about this statement. Here is what I was able to find out from a third party who talked to a family member about what happened to Isaac. After passing the mile marker, he got tripped and knocked to the ground. Subsequent runners spliked him in the legs, pelvis, and stomach. Bleeding from numerous wounds, he got up and fought his way back to eighth place. His courageous battle led him close to the finsih line, about 200 meters away. From his loss of blood to his many spike wounds, he passed out and Mason lost their top scorer. This is a tremendous display of true grit to fight back his pain and his loyalty to Mason and the team to give up his body but it was not to be. His body shut him down within sight of the finish. He thought the team needed him to win. The amazing thing is that Mason still won even without their top scorer.
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